Learn phrasal verbs with “call.”

The conversation script is below, but watch first & see if you understand!

1. Call up
Jake:  Adam called me up in the middle of the night.
Amaya:  Why?
Jake:  I don’t know. He didn’t leave a message.

2. Call for
Amaya:  The government of Middle Earth has called for an end to the war. Kings’ Landing has not accepted their terms.
Jake: The war will continue.

3. Call back
Amaya:  Have you called Adam back?
Jake:  Not yet.
Amaya:  Why not? He really wants you to call him back.
Jake:  I know. I’m just really busy.

4. Call off
Amaya: Where is everybody?
Jake: Maybe they called off the wedding!
Amaya: Why do you say that?
Jake: There’s no one here.
Amaya: What day is it?


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