Make up

Learn how to use “make up.”

The conversation script is below, but watch first & see if you understand!


Amaya:  What’s the matter?
Danny:  I got in a fight with Carmen.
Amaya:  Aw. I’m sorry. Well, cheer up. I’m sure everything will work  out.
Danny: Yeah.
Amaya: Do you want some ice cream?
Danny: Yeah.

Amaya: Hey, why are you all dressed up?
Danny: I’m going out with Carmen.
Amaya: I thought you guys were fighting.
Danny: We made up.


Cole: —Yeah, no, I’m really sorry. I wanted to come in today, but I woke up with a terrible headache and a fever.
No, I’m sorry.
Thank you. Thank you. I’m really…I’m sorry. I hope I can come in tomorrow. OK, bye.

Amaya: Oh, man. You look terrible. You should go back to bed.
Cole: I was just making that up. I just didn’t want to— wait… What do you mean I look terrible?

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