Learn how to use phrasal verbs with “drop.”

The conversation script is below, but watch first & see if you understand!

1. Drop out

Cole: Oh hey, look. It’s Alan. Remember him?
Amaya: Oh yeah. Huh. What’s he doing?
Cole: He dropped out of school a couple of years ago.
Amaya: Really? Why would he drop out?
Cole: He said he didn’t need college for what he wanted to do.
Amaya: That doesn’t seem like a good idea. I wonder what he’s doing now.
Cole: It looks like he’s sailing around in a yacht. I think he’s a billionaire or something.

2. Drop by

Amaya: Oh, hey Danny. What are you doing here?
Danny: Sorry for just dropping by, but you didn’t answer my text.
Amaya: Oh, I’m sorry about that. My ringer must be off. I didn’t notice. But that’s fine. What’s up?
Danny: Well, I can’t really stay, but they gave me extra pizza and I can’t take it home. Do you want it?
Amaya: Free pizza? Yeah, I want it.  Hey, thanks.
Danny: Cool. Well, I’ve got to run.
Amaya: All right. Well, drop by anytime.


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