Learn how to use phrasal verbs with hang. The scripts are below, but listen first and see if you understand!

1. Hang out
Cole: Hey. What are you guys up to?
Amaya & Danny: Just hanging out.
Cole: Well, do you want to go do something tonight?
Amaya: I’m probably just going to stay here. Watch a movie.
Danny: Yeah, me too.
Cole: Well, do you want to do anything? Danny?
Danny: Nah. I’m kind of tired.
Cole: Amaya?
Amaya: Nah, I’m too lazy. Come on, you don’t really want to go out, do you? Just come hang out with us.
Cole: OK. Scoot over*, Danny.

2. Hang up
Danny: I think Carmen is mad at me.
Amaya: Why do you say that?
Danny: She keeps hanging up on me.
Amaya: Really? That’s weird. Here. Let me call her                              ………Hey, Carmen. Danny’s here and we– She hung up!
Cole: Hey, hey. What’s up?
Amaya: We both tried calling Carmen, and she hung up on us.
Cole: Really? That’s weird. Let me call her.
Amaya: You hardly know Carmen.
Cole: Yeah, but we had a class together. We get along** really well.                      Carmen. Hey. It’s Cole….Cole Parks.
……….She hung up.

*scoot over means “move to the side.” We usually use it when we want someone to make room for us.

**get along (or get along with) means “to have a friendly relationship with someone.”

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